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Top 3 tips to update your CV after a career break

Returning to work after a long absence or even a gap year can be quite daunting particularly if you work in a fast moving environment.

Here are some of the best tips on getting you ready to make that change with confidence.

1. Avoid the waffle

Whatever you do, don't do this. Waffling is talking or writing a lot without actually giving good or useful information. Updating your CV is a critical part of the process but be aware that many recruiters will view comments sic words such as "CEO of my household" and "family holiday architect" job titles in your curriculum vitae as just plain waffling.

Time away from work is incredibly valuable to our personal development therefor don't devalue your time off but rather focus on being professional in your CV. So instead focus on describing your skill development during this time away, for example time management, creativity, organisational experience, learning to prioritise or manage conflicting priorities.

2. Emphasise non paid work/activity

During your time away you may have provide mentoring to a friend or family member, or helped people in your social circle to find work or research extensive travel plans, dedicated time to learning and becoming a raw food enthusiast, or set up social media accounts. You may have engaged in voluntary work, fundraising or taken part in a marathon. Describe this process and your learnings from your experience as you would with a job role in your CV.

3. Formal and Informal training

Make sure to highlight any formal or even informal training you may have taken during your career break.

You may have attended digital marketing courses, seminars, online training courses, or workshops. Select the most relevant and valuable topics you have received training and add to your curriculum vitae. If you can you can even provide copies of any certificates you received from the training provider.

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