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Top Ten Remote Jobs


Working remotely from home can be an attractive option to individual that seek flexible working and more agile working.

Additionally, remote jobs allow people to work for companies, teams or industries that may not have a physical location close to home, and reduces the commutable time spent on the road. This work a pattern is increasingly popular as benefits such as work life balance, less commute leading to reduced stress on commute and transport costs.

Check out our top ten remote jobs to search today

1. Language Translator - Use your bilingual skills can open up to work from home job opportunities. This includes both employed and freelance translation projects.

2. Technical Writer - Like the traditional writer position, a technical writing role or content specialist can be performed from anywhere with limited travel to the office daily.

3. Direct Marketing - Email marketing, Events marketing and Retention marketing managers are few examples of marketing roles that companies offer on a remote/flexible arrangement.

4. Recruitment Consultant - Opportunities to work in recruitment can be a great option that offers flexible working patterns.

5. Graphic Designer - We can't have a top ten list without the Graphic Designer role. For many years, this job has been a part of the digital nomad culture that includes web developers. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork it has made it easier to reach customers.

6. Travel Consultant - Home based travel agents are a popular choice for people with customer service role. Some employers offer a commission based position with an already established travel brand. Elevating to the Be your own Boss status.

7. Developer - Multiple developer roles are available on remote or flexible working basis, from PHP Developer, Python, mobile or android apps developer to name a few.

8. Ebook Publisher - Typically a freelancer role to design, edit and format eBooks for customers. Skills required include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Canvas. In time you could build your own database of contacts and work in editorial projects.

9. Technical or Customer Support - Technical Support Specialists, provide remote support for. Due to growth of remote and flexible working, many organisations require large teams of technical support engineers to provide the back-end support to new technologies.

10. Clinical Advisor - Online medical health support is a growth space. National health and clinical organisations, require clinical advisors to provide support to customer, including nursing, pharmacists and paramedic specialists.


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