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12 best fictional places we would love to work from

Updated: Oct 1, 2018


1. Suits

This uber cool office with skyscraper views is a top notch Manhattan law firm. A team made up of fast talking, smart, witty lawyers. Bonus you get to spend everyday with #HarveySpecter #suits

Marvel Agents of SHIELD

2. Agents of SHIELD

Fighting bad guys and looking good doing it. If you like your days to never be the same, than this is the super team for you. So dust off those old leather pants and apply today to join #Marvel's agents of #SHIELD.

Brooklyn nine nine

3. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Everyday is a fun day. This police precinct is unlike others, full of comic moments and team pranks. Remember we told you so. #Brooklyn99Precinct


4. Atlanta

Step into the creative, musical and contemporary world of Atlanta rappers with a sparkle of comedy glitter and grit. Managing musical talent ain't easy yo! #atlantafx

House of Cards

5. House of Cards

Set in the Washington political scene, with #ClaireUnderwood as the boss we cannot wait to join this office, at own personal risk. #houseofcards

The Good Doctor

6. The Good Doctor

Working in this hospital will keep your heart rate pumping fast and not just because of the patients. #thegooddoctor

The Crown

7. The Crown

Ever fancied yourself working in a palace? You could be the next communications assistant, or advisor to guide this iconic group. #thecrown

Gotham City

8. Gotham City

The city that awakens at night. Dangers lurking in the dark, dirty political games and from shadowy corners dark figures emerge but maybe one can save them all. Hands up who wants to help Gordon get dressed. #gothamcity


9. Quantico

This team is fully vetted or are they? Immerse yourself in this office and discover the hidden truth behind these young FBI recruits. #quantico

The Good Place

10. The Good Place

Colourful, pretty, clean, fun, beautiful creative, existential and disastrous...all because of Eleanor's after life gone wrong or good?! #thegoodplace

The Big Bang Theory

11. The Big Bang Theory

Working alongside this quirky bunch will certainly be interesting and fun. Whether your a physics buff, or a curious explorer if you get to discover Penny's last name please be sure to let us know! #thebigbangtheory

Supernatural TV Series

12. Supernatural

OK, these boys take working freelance to another level but if working from a desk all day is not for you, than take a thrill ride with Sam and Dean, meet angels and help save the world alot! #supernatural

Could you see yourself work at any of these places? Did we miss a show we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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