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Top 8 jobs for the future to get now

Jobs of the Future

Looking to the future according to Huffington Post there are 85% of jobs of the future that do not exist yet. However, looking to the future and beyond here are some of the "hot future jobs" you can get on board now, and build that soon to be in high demand skill set.

1. Head of Influencer Marketing

Influencers, bloggers, trend setters is an essential part of the marketing strategy, as such this area needs its own dedicated management.

2. Head of Sales/Business Development - Artificial Intelligence

Selling AI solutions of the future and establishing yourself as an leading figure in this space.

3. Political Activist - Fake News

Not a term people used two years ago, but an increasing hotly debated subject that is bound to grow. Expect new products or services focusing on fake news to enter the market to address this debate.

4. Data Enforcer

As data becomes increasingly critical both as an important aspect of business strategy, equally public bodies and government will also stamp down on how companies manage our data. Both sides will be looking for privacy "enforcers".

5. IoT and Robotics Reporter/Journalist

Combine your passions for technology and writing as these tech areas are developing fast.

6. Drone Engineer

Recently, farmers in New Zealand used drones to monitor animal herds across far ranging farm land. With a wide range of industry applications, demand for drone engineers is sure to increase.

7. Virtual Reality Gamer

Get on track to help push the next tech gem into consumer markets.

8. Mars Community Liaison

OK this one is probably less likely to happen that soon, but if you have a love for space technology this area could be for you. Organisations leading the way include ESA, NASA and SpaceX are taking amazing steps in exploring our stars and planets.

TIP: If you're interested in learning more about research on our ability to adapt to a Mars environment check out the Concordia research in Antartica. #jobsofthefuture

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