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Tips for Writing a Business Biography

Business biographies are useful for adding to your own website or blog, business proposals, conference agendas, contributor profile on other websites, and employer websites. This can be aligned to your personal brand to ensure the delivery of a consistent message. It’s best to create and retain an up to date business biography to be a call to action when you most need it.

Writing your business bio:

Think about your personal attributes and your professional brand. What would you most like to convey about who you are, what you do, and what motivates you?

1. Ideally, write in the third person so it can be used for multiple purposes and to retain consistency.

2. Ensure you cover and include the following basics:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your purpose – for example what are you responsible for

  • A key achievement(s)

  • Your professional experience top highlights

  • Any relevant qualifications

3. Add a little touch of personality whilst maintaining professionalism

4. Aim for 100 words and this can later be edited to fit different channel's word space.

Example one:

John Smith is a Digital Marketing Manager at Company A. John is a strong advocate of content writing on social media and the power of digital storytelling by connecting, engaging, and educating audiences. John works collaboratively with team members, promoting social media’s role in and its integration into the business. John has 5 years’ experience in consumer product marketing in the UK and Europe working managing digital communications strategy, brand positioning, social media channels and employer brand. John delivered multiple social media campaigns across the region. Having travelled across Asia, John recently completed a Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing.

Example two:

Jane Smith is a Senior Sales Account Manager at Company B. Jane is responsible for driving sales leadership across a large key account, developing and building relationships with non-sales staff and nurturing an external client base. Jane works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve business objectives and implement and drive strategy. Jane has more than 10 years’ experience in B2B selling in Europe, Africa and has lived and worked in the Middle East where she specialised in business development strategy and sales programme development. Jane has overseen the re-brand of three professional service businesses and holds a Professional Diploma in Business Management.

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