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Set a home office for productivity

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Making sure your work environment is inspiring to you, that you enjoy working from it and reflects a space of professionalism and creativity and encourages optimal productivity, is a great way to maintain a top productivity level whilst working from home.

1. Desk - Whether your a MAC user or Windows laptop owner, acquiring and connecting your laptop to a wide screen on your desk is highly recommended. Not only will this give you better view and visibility of your work, allows you to open, read and search multiple documents but wider screens stop you from straining our eyes to see text or images.

2. Desk Accessories - Go for simple but effective accessories for instance a good desk lamp (white bulb) with flexible adjustment height and position, mouse, wrist pad, headset, and a small green plant or plastic pot and add a bit of nature into your work space.

Depending on your job, you may want to invest in a small TV that allows you to connect to your laptop (such as Apple TV) and watch tutorials, webinars, Bloomberg market channel).

3. Wall accessories - Invest in a white board, preferably a glass frosted board and every day /week write on this board your goals of the day, or weekly/monthly objectives.

You can also add a section that is more personal related goals, for example morning rituals, power words for inspiration, short reminders (drink water, take a 10 min break).

4. Print - Top keep you on track, print your mission statement, goals and values and than hang or tape these neatly to an area near your desk space. Read these from time to time to keep you on track.

5. Comfort - Any space that is cluttered will always feel "weighted" down so remove and clear surfaces, organise your desk and declutter wherever possible. For that extra comfort, use a authentic desk chair in replacement of a dining table chair or even small home chair.

6. Light - Make sure you have your desk in a bright, airy area offering plenty of light (preferably natural light). Work space should be a light space from wall colour to the floor mat. If your wall colour is dark, consider brightening the space by hanging wall pictures in bright colours of light neutral tones to create lightened look and feel.

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