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Our 7 favourite "Return to Work" programmes

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Career breakers

We scoured industries to find our current top favourite return to work programmes, suitable to people that have taken time off work, for different reasons from career-breakers, stay at home parents, carer-givers to supporters of partners in armed forces. Below is a summary of our favourite returners programmes worth exploring.

1. The Auditor programme:

PwC and KPMG, and other leading consultancies offer return to work programmes with many focusing in the audit area. Structured around flexibility, remote working, and other offerings, this is sure to appeal to range of people.

2. The Refresher programme:

Deloitte's programme is currently available to people with more than two years career break. The programme runs over 25 weeks, 4 days a week and integrates various elements from company induction, on the job client experience, project experience, technical skills training and coaching, that can potentially lead to a professional career opportunity.

3. The Techie's programme:

Explore the Capgemini returners programme for those with more than 2 years career break, with job opportunities typically in project or programme management, business analysts, software engineering, cybersecurity, digital and cloud, testing and management consulting for a diverse client portfolio. Offering a 6 month work placement with flexible working and a transition plan to a permanent role.

4. The Talent Re-introduction:

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) return to work programme, is aimed at career-breakers with minimum 12 months and with a financial services background. The programme offers guidance, executive coaching and networking.

Alternatively, UBS offers a Career Comeback programme for people out of work for more than two years offering with either a financial services background or transferable skill-set.

5. The Energy professionals :

Shell's return to work programme lasts 6 months, is open to experienced professionals with at least 12 month career break and open to people with a range of skills, knowledge and experience levels. Job areas includes: IT and corporate advisory, reservoir engineering and geology/geophysics, working on live project set at pace that suits programme participants.

6. The Amazon family:

Amazon have a return to work programme that covers a range of positions from executive assistant to engineers. Some of the roles are offered on a remote working basis, and with a solid programme structure to slowly transition workers back into the professional realm.

7. The Relaunch:

Mastercard offers returners a 12 week immersion programme at Mastercard participating in full induction, on the job training, buddy system and coaching. Particularly interesting for those with minimum of middle management experience and background in technology, financial services, e-commerce or professional services.

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